NARA Institute of Science and Technology Structural Life Science (Tsukazaki Lab) 奈良先端科学技術大学院大学 奈良先端科学技術大学院大学 バイオサイエンス研究科 Structural Life Science



Professor Tomoya Tsukazaki [Google Scholar]

  • Hometown:Sayo-cho, Hyogo, Japan
  • Research Field:Structural Life Science
  • One of my favorites : Training
  • Special Skill: Experiment
  • Comment: We would like to present convincing results.

Assist. Prof. Ryoji Miyazaki

  • Hometown:Osaka, Japan
  • Research Field : in vivo photo-crosslinking analysis for dynamic behaviors of cellular proteins
  • One of my favorites : Hamburgers
  • Special Skill: Crosslinking experiments
  • Comment: I would like to spread the in vivo photo-crosslinking approach.

Assist. Prof. Hironori Takeda

  • Nickname:Takechan-Man
  • Hometown:Ehime, Japan
  • Research Field:Structural and functional study for membrane protein insertion
  • One of my favorites: Reading books and watching football
  • Special Skill: Performing experiments without pondering.
  • Comment: I want to conduct research with an emphasis on quantity, speed, and goals.

Assist. Prof. Ken Kitano   ← Click here for his research projects


Postdoc Hidetaka Kohga

  • Hometown:Chiba, Japan
  • Research Field:Structural Analysis of Protein Channels
  • One of my favorites: Training
  • Special Skill: Tennis
  • Comment: I will do my best!


D2 Mai Ikei

  • Nickname:Ikei
  • Hometown:Okinawa, Japan
  • Research subject:Structural and functional analysis of an ion transporter complex
  • One of my favorites: manga
  • Special skill : I can read a lot of manga
  • Comment :  I will do my best in a new environment.

D1 Napathip Lertpreedakorn

  • Nickname:Namfon
  • Hometown:Phetchaburi, Thailand
  • Research subject:Structural and functional analysis of a membrane protein
  • Likes:Coffee
  • Special Skill:Table tennis 
  • Message: Just do the best and let it be.

D1 Ng You Kiat

  • Nickname:Patrick
  • Hometown:Nibong Tebal, Malaysia
  • Research subject:Structural and functional analysis of protein transport
  • Likes:Video Games, Music
  • Special Skill:Positive Thinking
  • Message: It's my pleasure to meet you.

M1 Yutaro Takahashi

  • Nickname:Takahashi, Yutaro
  • Hometown:Akita, Japan
  • Research subject:Structural and functional analysis of sugar transporters
  • Likes:Outdoor activity
  • Special Skill: Swimming
  • Message:I will do my best in my research

M1 Jun Takahashi

  • Nickname:Jun
  • Hometown:Hyogo, Japan 
  • Research subject:Structural analysis of important proteins
  • Likes:Trip
  • Special Skill: Running
  • Message:Challenge everything

M1 Takeru Nishi

  • Nickname:Take, TK, Take-chan
  • Hometown:Wakayama, Japan 
  • Research subject:Analysis of biomolecules
  • Likes:Enjoying Movie and Music
  • Special Skill: intros quiz
  • Message:I'll do my best in experiments

M1 Keigo Monden

  • Nickname:Monden
  • Hometown:Nara, Japan 
  • Research subject:membrane protein structures
  • Likes:training
  • Special Skill: housework
  • Message:Nice to meet you.

Secretary Kayo Abe

  • Hometown:Nara, Japan
  • Favorite sports:Tennis and yoga
  • Comment:I do my best to support our Lab's research.


Doctoral Degree Recipients (Alumni)

Arata Furukawa (Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1), JSPS)

2018 March, PhD

  • Doctoral thesis:膜タンパク質YidCとSecDFの結晶構造から解明されたタンパク質輸送の原理
  • Main original papers:Furukawa et al, Structure 26, 485–489 (2018); Furukawa et al.Cell Rep. 19, 895-901 (2017); Kumazaki, Chiba, Takemoto, Furukawa et al., Nature 509, 516-520 (2014); Kumazaki, Kishimoto, Furukawa et al., Sci. Rep. 4, 7299 (2014).
  • Comment:I managed to get a doctoral degree. I will do my best in the future as well.
  • Awards : Yano Prize (NAIST GSBS, 2015), Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists (Inoue Foundation for Science All Rights Reserved, 2018)
  • Lab Stay : 2016. Feb. - Mar.,  Baldwin Lab (UC Davis)


Yasunori Sugano (Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC2), JSPS)

2018 March, PhD

  • Doctoral thesis:タンパク質膜透過チャネルSecトランスロコンの静的動的構造基盤
  • Main original papers:Sugano et al., PLOS ONE 12, e0183434 (2017); Tanaka*, Sugano* et al., Cell Rep. 13, 1561-1568 (2015); Haruyama*, Sugano* et al., Structure 27, 152-160 (2019).   (*同等貢献)
  • Awards : NAIST Best Student Award (NAIST /  Foundation for NAIST, 2015 and 2018),Poster Award (PSSJ, 2016)
  • Studying abroad : 2016. Jan.-Feb., NAIST Material and Biological Sciences Program (UC DAVIS EXTENSION), UC Davis


Shigehiro Iwaki

2020 March, PhD

Bin Mohammad Umar Mohammad Shahrizal

2021 March, PhD

  • Doctoral thesis:Crystal structure of β-Barrel Assembly-Enhancing Protease (BepA) for biogenesis of outer membrane proteins
  • Comment:I am glad to complete my PhD study at the Laboratory of Structural Life Sciences by Prof. Tsukazaki. I would like to thank Prof. Tsukazaki in accepting me to do PhD at his laboratory. I have learned a lot, especially about bacterial protein purification and structural analysis. Under Prof. Tsukazaki's supervision, I have produced my first ever first-author paper in a peer-reviewed journal. 
    The best thing about this lab is that I am able to learn from my mistakes. I also made friends with lab members, with whom I could practice Japanese with. I wish this lab all the best and I will continue using my knowledge and experience gained from this laboratory for my future endeavours.
  • Main original papers:Shahrizal et al., J. Mol. Biol. 431, 625-635 (2019)
  • Lab Stay : 2019. Jan.-Feb., Baldwin Lab (UC Davis)