Project Organization

Fig. 2. Research groups and areas of focus

Three Working Groups and Program Support Group

This research consortium consists of three working groups (A01–A03) and a support group (X00). The consortium includes nine core principal investigators, whose original contributions to a wide spectrum of research fields in plant science have been outstanding. In addition to the core principal investigators, new 19 principal investigators, who were recruited at the beginning of FY2013, join the three working groups to facilitate collaboration with each other.

The tasks of each group are related but discrete and include the following:
A01 will elucidate the molecular mechanism(s) by which the cell wall space is constructed;
A02 will dissect cell wall function in terms of information processing;
A03 will determine how the cell wall functions as an interfacial zone in cell-to-cell and cell-to-environment interactions.

X00 will be in charge of facilitating collaborations between project members to promote scientific activity. This group will also be in charge of databases for the three groups as well as publicity.

The interaction between the three working groups and the support group is depicted in Figure 2.