Endo laboratory

Previous Publications

The Endo laboratory, colleagues and our collaborators have contributed to several important publications and reports. Please see below to learn more about our reports and publications.

Original papers

PHYTOCHROME-DEPENDENT LATE-FLOWERING accelerates flowering through physical interactions with phytochrome B and CONSTANS.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014: 110(44), 18017-18022.
Endo et. al.

BRANCHED1 interacts with FLOWERING LOCUS T to repress the floral transition of the axillary meristems in Arabidopsis.

Plant Cell. 2013: 25(4), 1228-1242.
Niwa et. al.

Flowering regulation by tissue specific functions of photoreceptors..

Plant Signal Behav. 2008:3(1), 47-48.
Endo et. al.

CRYPTOCHROME2 in vascular bundles regulates flowering in Arabidopsis..

Plant Cell. 2007: 19(1), 84-93.
Endo et. al.

Phytochrome B in the mesophyll delays flowering by suppressing FLOWERING LOCUS T expression in Arabidopsis vascular bundles..

Plant Cell. 2005: 17(7), 1941-1952.
Endo et. al.