pANDA35K vector

LB: left border
RB: right border
NPT II: Kanamycin resistance gene, driven by NOS promoter.
attR: LR clonase recombination cassette (Invitrogen, Cat. No. 11828-019, rfA)
attR1 & attR2: LR clonase recombination sites
CmR: Chloramphenicol resistance gene
ccdB: ccd B gene
t: terminator
Vector size: about 20 Kbp
Back bone: pBI101
Host E. coli strain: DB 3.1
Kpn I and Sac I are unique restriction enzyme sites, others are not unique.

gus linker sequence & primer

Site A
RB---Xba I, Not I, Spe I, Kpn I, Apa I, Xho I ---LB
Site B
RB---Cla I, Hind III, EcoR V ---LB
Site C
RB---EcoR I, Pst I, Sma I, BamH I, Xho I, Not I, EcoR V, Pst I, EcoR I ---LB
Site D
RB---EcoR I, Spe I, BamH I, Sac I, Xho I, BamH I ---LB

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