Message from Dean

Dean. Hashimoto

Nara Institute of Science and Technology is a compact graduate school located at an old capital of Japan, Nara. The institute was established as a national university and is now a national university corporation supported by the Japanese government. The institute is committed to fulfilling its public responsibility by conducting advanced scientific research and fostering new talent at the cutting-edge of information, biological and material sciences, thereby increasing scientific knowledge, developing new technologies, and training people for future growth and scientific advancement.

In our Graduate School of Biological Sciences, we focus our research and education on comprehensive molecular and cell biology, and now have three departments: Plant Science, Medical Biology, and Integrated Systems Biology. Cutting-edge research is increasingly reliant on specialized services and equipment, which are too costly and beyond the reach of individual researchers. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan helps to overcome this obstacle by providing a series of programs to enhance advanced research and education in universities and institutes. Applications by members of our graduate school for these MEXT programs occur continuously, including requests for assistance from the 21st century Center of Excellence (21C-COE) program (2002-2006), the Global COE program (2007-2011), as well as the excellent graduate school program (2012-2013). With the support from MEXT, our departmental procurement of state-of-the-art facilities has been enormously successful and provides the best graduate school for advanced research in the plant sciences, medical sciences, neurosciences, protein sciences, genome sciences, as well as molecular cell biology, developmental biology, molecular pharmacology, molecular oncology, structural biology, systems biology, mathematical biology, molecular microbiology, molecular genetics, cell signaling, differentiation, morphogenesis, and metabolism.

Our graduate school has only a short history of a bit more than 20 years, but it is already a school of the highest rank, and our outstanding publications are making a tremendous impact on the biological sciences. I encourage our students to dedicate themselves to scientific research in these exciting advanced fields of biology at our school. The research experience and education you will acquire from our institute will benefit you greatly, enhance your research strengths and prospects, and will provide you with a firm foundation for a bright future in academia or society. Our institute also supports the development of young and talented research scientists, as well as students, by providing an excellent academic environment for scientific research with core facilities that are available to all members of the biology department, and most notably our junior faculty.

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